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Friday, January 12, 2007

One for the Road.....Sea Shells on Black

'Morning Glow' 9x12
"But the sweetest way to me is a ship's upon the sea..."
-Rudyard Kipling

Today's the day we leave on a long awaited vacation...a caribbean cruise! We used to go every winter but took a break. Now we are going back and trying a new cruise line as well. I am anxious to take lots of photos and paint some little tropical scenes. I also have a new agenda. I just signed up for a workshop with Margaret Dyer on painting the figure in pastel. I have never painted or even drawn the figure from life so I hope to try sketching people in their bathing suits while I lounge about the ship!

Today's painting is done on black LaCarte paper. It was interesting working on the dark surface. I'm sure I could have gotten the sand lighter, but I kind of liked the way the shells and sunlit sand seems to glow. It was interesting to do. I hope to post while I am away...It depends on the speed of the internet connection on the ship.


Jo Castillo said...

Karen, these shells are beautiful and they do glow. Have a fun trip, we anxiously await the new work.

Anonymous said...

Karen- Have a wonderful trip. Today's painting is gorgeous....wish I could BUY a painting a day!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ur work is wonderful
I am trying to get into realism and challenge my own taste for the more abstract stuff I enjoy like kandinsky...... u certainly can see the beauty in this world and your love for it really shows through brilliantly.

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