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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bird Nest Paintings SOLD

'Bird Nest #1 & 2' 5x7 pastel
sold to a collector in the UK
It is the week for bird nests! I sold an 8x10 robin's nest earlier this week so I decided to paint a couple of new nests. They were purchased today! The bottom nest was actually painted from life. I found the hatched eggs on the ground and then a few months later the abandoned nest fell to the ground. I have been keeping them on a shelf in my studio. I will definitely be exploring this nest further!


Cynthia said...

These are both gorgeous....your strokes for the nest are lovely and the blue of the eggs,,,,super.
I can see why they were sold.

Karen Hargett said...

I absolutely love these. I have several real bird's nests in my house. Congrats on the sales.

Karen said...

Thank you very much! I forgot how enjoyable it is to paint nests. I need to do more!