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Friday, April 02, 2010

Daisy Pastel Painting 8x10

'Summer Bouquet' 8x10 pastel
Today's painting is a smaller version of my 18x24 daisy painting. I really liked painting this little patch of summer. Today I had a fun experience as the guest artist at a local elementary school. My friend Paula is the art teacher and invited me to share a bit about pastels with the students. I had five classes fom kindergarten to 5th grade and I painted 5 different beach scenes! I had the children help me decide what elements to put in the paintings so it was a fun challenge. I think they enjoyed it and I sure do have a lot of respect for the teachers. That is hard work! Thank you Paula!


Kerri Settle said...

Love this one! Your flower paintings are unparalleled.

Kerri Settle said...
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