Saturday, December 17, 2011

Field of Red Poppies 11x14 pastel

'Dreaming of Poppies' 11x14 pastel sold
I never tire of painting poppies and they make a perfect subject to show my technique to students. Today I had a private class and we worked on watercolor underpaintings. I chose poppies for the subject and had the chance to use my new Daniel Smith watercolors. I want to play with them some more but so far I liked them. This painting is on Uart 600 grit paper.


  1. karen you are truly fabulous. I love your work and the beautiful colors. truly truly amazing!

  2. Thank you Megha! I appreciate your compliment!

  3. Hi Karen,
    You don't have a print of this for purchase by any chance do you?

  4. Thanks for asking Alyssa. I don't have any of my paintings available as prints. But my originals are very reasonable priced and I do offer commissions. Visit my Etsy shop to see more


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