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Friday, February 03, 2012

The Best Pastel Set for Painting the Landscape of the Southwest

'Desert Reverie' 24 x 36 Pastel ©Karen Margulis

I love my Terry Ludwig Arid Landscape set. It is the perfect set for painting the landscapes of the Southwest. I have discovered that it is also wonderful for landscapes that aren't considered arid. But if you are looking for a set of pastels for painting the beauty of the Southwest then you should put this set on your wish list. I just finished a large 24 x 36 Southwestern landscape and I used this set for 99.9% of this painting. I did use a Diane Townsend light for the clouds and a Terry Ludwig Turquoise from anther set. This set has a great range of colors and values so I didn't have to open by big pastel box. I just worked out of this little box.

Terry Ludwig Pastels Arid Landscape Set

Aren't these colors wonderful! They really will work for other landscapes besides Arid... I have used it for summer meadows with dried grasses and beach scenes. You only need a few extra greens if you want to paint a landscape with more greens like we have here in Georgia. This is one set that I will keep in it's original box. Usually when I get new pastels I integrate them into my big box. I have them arranged by value and color and it is so much easier to choose my colors this way. When you have your pastels all neat in their original boxes it is too hard to keep up with what you have . (I will be posting about this soon) But since this set is so perfect for the arid landscape I take it out when I know it will suit my subject.

Oil Underpainting on 24x26 grey Pastelbord
This painting came to me in a dream hence the title 'Desert Reverie'. It is from my reference photo. It is New Mexico somewhere near Abiquiu. In my dream I saw it as a big painting and I saw myself taking out a big Pastelbord 24x36 that I had stuck behind a shelf and forgotten about. I also saw myself as doing an oil stain underpainting. When I woke up yesterday I couldn't wait to get down into the studio and paint this painting!
If you would like to learn more about oil underpaintings, sign up for blog updates (on sidebar) as I will be posting a demo this week.

Click Here to see Terry Ludwig's Arid Landscape set .


Elaine H said...

I love this painting - it's awesome. Makes me want to walk through the brush to see what's ahead.

Camille Day said...

Karen, I love your painting and most of all your source of inspiration. I believe that dreams speak to our conciousness and the resulting painting is proof that you paid attention. Love it!

Karen said...

Thank you Elaine. It was so much fun to do a large painting!

Karen said...

Thank you Candy! I appreciate it! I know you are right about dreams. I knew I had to act on that painting right away!

Mariela said...

It sounds like a very ineresting process.
You are full of surprises!!!!
Impressive result!

Donna T said...

Gorgeous painting Karen! I look forward to your oil underpainting demo. I've been curious about trying it.

Karen said...

Thanks Donna! I just posted it. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!