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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Try a New Pastel Technique...Stained Glass Pastels

'Desert Grace'          6x6        pastel             ©Karen Margulis
purchase here  $50
Sometimes you just want to color.  You know ... as in taking out a box of sharp new crayons and a crisp coloring book and color. Some of us like to outline our pictures. Some are careful to stay in the lines. But coloring is always a nice way to relax and play with color.  When I want to have fun with color and not worry too much about anything else I take out a piece of compressed charcoal and my pastels and do a 'stained glass' painting. Here's how:
Step one: Draw with charcoal

Step two:  Start coloring!
  • All you need is a piece of paper, a piece of compressed charcoal and some pastels.
  • Choose a fairly simple subject. You will be simplifying the subject with a simple like drawing (a great exercise)
  • I start with a light pencil drawing to block in my composition. I then outline with the charcoal pressing hard for nice bold dark lines.
  • Now I get to color!  I don't worry about staying perfectly in the lines.
  • When I am finished with the color I go back with the charcoal or a charcoal pencil to darken the lines.
This technique of painting is not my usual style but I find it very relaxing and a good way to paint without having to think too hard.  Sometimes I just like the bold graphic look I can get.  Another fun exercise is to take a subject and paint it as a stained glass painting then paint the same thing in your usual style. You will see how you might simplify your subject by having to flatten it and make it into a line drawing! Try it! (I think I'll take my own advice and try it too)

'Aspens'   5x7  pastel


Dottieb said...

thanks so much Karen! It is an interesting and beautiful technique!

Janie Husband said...

this is very beautiful....i think it is something i would like to try...

Christine Lewis said...

I'm definitely going to try this, I love pastels and your stained glass pastels are great, I especially like the aspens or silver birches as I would call them. Thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

I love this technique! I'm going to try it with acrylics...I can't paint with pastels...I'm allergic to the dust. Thank you for always sharing!