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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sunflower Acrylic Painting with Ink Lines

'Holly's Sunflower'      6x6   acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas sold
I am taking a break from pastels this week while I visit my mom in the mountains. It has been cloudy and drizzly and cold so I haven't gotten outside to take photos like I'd planned but I have had some time to paint.  I decided to work on some small acrylic flower paintings.  It was the perfect choice for painting while visiting. It was easy to pack a bag with some paints, brushes and canvases. They don't make as big of a dusty mess as my pastels so I can sit at the dining room table and paint!

side view

side view, all four sides painted
My favorite part of creating these flower paintings is adding the ink lines.  Once the paint has dried I draw the lines using black waterproof ink.  I tend to follow the shifts in color and value in the paint with my lines.  It is actually a very relaxing process.

Next week begins the second session of my pastel classes. We will be focusing on creating a series. If you'd like to follow along start thinking about a subject to paint! Details to follow!


suepics said...

You are inspiring me with the pen lines. What are you using for the pen? Is it hard to do on the canvas?

Karen said...

Thanks! It isn't hard at all to do the lines on the canvas. I am using a Kol=noor black pen which is archival and waterproof!