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Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I am Listening to in the Studio (and how it will make me a better painter)

'One Summer in Maine'       9x12         pastel       ©Karen Margulis
available through Daily Paintworks $150 click here
Talk radio isn't going to make me a better artist.  But it is what I usually listen to while I am in the studio.  I think partly because it can be a long and lonely day in the studio and sometimes it is nice to hear adult conversation.  But I was at a loss this month when the regular radio lineup changed. I had lost my friendly radio voices. What was I going to listen to?

Music?  I love music and listen to music when I am painting something big or important like a commission. My choice in music changes and I often pick something that suits the mood of the painting.  But when I am puttering around the studio I prefer talk.

This week I stumbled on my new love.....Art Podcasts!  I know you are thinking I must have been hiding under a rock. I didn't realize there was such a treasure trove of art talk podcasts out there.  I have listened to 3 so far this week and it has been the best discovery. Not only do I get to hear adult is conversation among artists. I listened to a wonderful interview with Quang Ho and the Evolution of Seeing and had to stop and take notes!  Even if I played it more than once I'm sure I will learn something else. Here is the link to this show 

I plan to listen to as many podcasts as I can before I am caught up. Even if I am busy painting or doing other tasks, it will benefit me to hear art related information. And they are fun!  I'm so excited!

Here are the two websites that offer art podcasts that I have found. If you know of others I'd love to learn more!

  • Artists Helping Artists with Leslie Saeta.  This fantastic show is the #1 art show on Blogtalk radio. You can visit the blog and see what is coming up as well as sign up for updates and listen to past shows.
  • Artist Mentors Online AMO Art Chat with Linda Fisler.  Here is the link to the website where you can read about the programs as well as listen on demand to the programs


Maria Bennett Hock said...

I love your loose and free. just beautiful!

Carlyn Hardy said...

Well, move over...that rock must have fallen on me too! Haven't heard of Art Podcasts...or any other kind of podcasts! But I'll look it up! Thanks for sharing!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

This lovely piece caught my eye at DP, so I had to come here to tell you how much I like the simplicity and freshness. It has just the right amount of work in it and not too much!

Karen said...

Hi Carly! I know! I don't know where I've been but it has been fun catching up!

Karen said...

Thank you very much Diana. I appreciate you taking time to comment!

Cinnamon Girl said...

Just wanted to drop a note of Thank you for mentioning AMO Art Chat in your blog! Also wanted to say thank you for listening. We really enjoyed the discussion with Quang and all the master artists we've interviewed.

Love your artwork as well! Just beautiful! Keep creating!
All the best,

Karen said...

Thank you Linda! I appreciate you stopping by my blog. I am looking forward to hearing all the shows I missed and the future ones as well!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware of art podcasts, either. Thanks for the links. And I LOVE this painting!