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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Secret to Painting Wildflowers

'A Special Place'         8x10          pastel  on textured board         ©Karen Margulis
available for purchase $145
What is the secret?  I admit that I don't have all the answers but I do know what has worked for me. The secret for painting wildflowers for me is that I paint them often and with passion.  Paint what you love. Paint your truth. I have heard this advice many times.  I've blogged about it recently. Figure out what it is you are drawn to. What makes your heart race? What compels you to capture it on canvas or paper? 

As much as I love painting landscapes and wide open spaces, I always return to the wildflower. Queen Anne's Lace is probably my favorite.  When I see them bobbing by the roadside my heart sings. When I paint them I try to paint them with the same excitement and passion. If you can paint something with passion and love than this will show in your work. Enjoy today's pictorial step by step demo and the tips I share for painting with passion. (be sure to click on the photo to see them larger)

My secret for painting any subject well:
  • Paint what you love. Sure, you need to stretch and paint other things to help you learn and grow as an artist. But always make time to return to your favorite subjects.
  • Paint what you know....or really get to know your favorite subject. Study it and paint it over and over. I can't tell you how many variations on this same field of Queen Anne's Lace I have painted. I vary the technique,color palette, composition....and with each painting I get to know the flower even better. I never tire of painting them because they move me
  • Plan and then paint with Passion!  When I paint a field of Queen Anne's Lace I start with a plan so  that when I paint I can paint with passion and just intuitively respond to my painting. I don't want anything to slow me down like choosing colors and making composition decisions. 
What subject makes your heart sing?  How many times have you painted it? The more you paint it, the more you will make it your own and your own unique style will emerge. I think I will go paint some more Queen Anne's Lace!

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