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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bird Nest Painting Demo

'Renewal'             6x6              pastel          ©Karen Margulis
available $75

'Gathering Eggs'      6x6         pastel        ©Karen Margulis
Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places
I love painting bird nests. I haven't painted them in awhile but there I remember once I went on nest painting marathon. I had painted them for days and then I was out of ideas. I went upstairs to make lunch and realized I had my painting apron still on. Looking at it got my attention. Wow! my apron has the best color palette for a nest. It even has little turquoise birds on it. So I quickly ate lunch and ran back downstairs to paint another little nest!  

Moral of the story: Always be open to inspiration. It can come at the oddest times and from the strangest places. Enjoy today's mini demo!

I start with a quick drawing on dark brown Canson paper, smooth side      size  6x6

I block in the dark masses. Building the nest from big simple shapes before any details.

Putting in the eggs. They will be refined later in the painting.

Continuing to build the nest with darkest colors to lightest. Mixing thick and thin lines.

Putting in the background color...spring greens. Adding some violets in the nest.

Continuing to weave the nest with thin and thick strokes and mixing browns and violets.

Putting in the finishing touches...brighter straw and touches of turquoise. Refining the eggs.

The finished painting along side my very inspiring painting apron!

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1 comment:

BJR said...

My very favorite...bird nests. I love them in real life...(I collect them) and I love painted ones. Your nest and egg pastel paintings are awesome!!