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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Week in Croatia Workshop Report: The People

'Choosing Moody'         9x12        pastel        ©Karen Margulis
available $150
Croatia is a beautiful country. My week at the workshop was filled with wonderful views, comfortable accommodations and delicious food. All of this was amazing but in the end it was truly the people I met who made the experience complete. It started with Mario, his wife Minja and their  5 year old son(who's fantastic behavior impressed us all). They worked hard to make sure the workshop was perfect. Everyone involved made sure our needs were met and that we were enjoying ourselves. There was always time for a smile and a hug. We truly felt welcome.

It is nice to feel welcome in an unfamiliar place but in the end it is about the group of artists who come together to learn and share. This is my second international workshop (Finland last summer) and I love having a mix of artists from around the world. The artists in the group came from England, Belgium, France, Finland, Slovenia, Canada and two from the US. We all were bonded by a common thread....our love for pastels and art. Conversations were always  interesting and enjoyable. I loved it when the the talk would sometimes slip into French or German! I have much more to say on the topic of an international workshop so I will save it for a future post.

The painting in today's post was the last demo I did at the workshop. I like to do an 'artist's choice' demo giving the artists a topic to vote on. They all chose moody and foggy. We laughed since we had experienced nothing but warm sunshine and clear blue skies all week!

Enjoy a few photos of the people I met on this amazing adventure.  Be sure to visit the Pastel Workshop Croatia website to see who else will be teaching! 

Working hard in the studio

Honey brandy welcome toast on our dinner in the country. Our hosts were great and we danced  to gypsy music!

Our tour guide 

the fantastic hosts of Pastel Workshops Croatia!

my new friends hard at work 

The chef!

Group photo....some missing. I am on the right

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