I wanted to let you and everyone else in the Sierra Pastel Society know what has been going on with Wallis Paper. We’re still trying to find a manufacturing site that will meet our standards for quality and is able to use all archival materials. The facility we had been using for the last several years had slowly been deteriorating in the quality of the material it produced for us, resulting in larger and larger portions of each run that we had to throw away. It was adding more and more to the expense of providing Wallis paper to artists and was going to result in significant price increases if we continued production there. Since we stopped manufacturing Wallis paper there, another company has started using them to produce sanded paper for pastelists, but we expect they will face the same problems we walked away from.
Our most recent manufacturing run was at a new facility with very modern equipment, but unfortunately that equipment was not entirely compatible with our archival materials and resulted in a loss of about 80% of the paper that was made. We do have some perfect paper from that run available, in the new Warm Mist color, but nothing in larger sheets.
So please let your society members know that we are still working on finding a facility that will allow us to produce Wallis paper with the quality and archival properties that you have all come to expect. In the meantime, we do have both sizes of pads available in Warm Mist. Warm Mist is very similar to our Belgian Mist, but with a maroon oxide undertone rather than the brown oxide undertone you’re familiar with in the Belgian Mist.
Here’s what we have available and the prices. Please share this with your members through Facebook, email, or whatever you generally use.
12″ x 18″ Warm Mist Pad, 8 sheets, shipped in 3-packs
3 pads – $114, free shipping
9″ x 12″ Warm Mist sheets, shipped in 45 packs
(Equivalent to 10 pads + one extra sheet per pad)
45 sheets – $100, free shipping
Free shipping applies in the continental U.S., of course.
Also, please let your members know they can keep up with any updates, ask questions, or see what other Wallis users and societies have to say by liking our Wallis Facebook page at facebook.com/WallisArchival.
And if they want to keep up on the latest development in Kitty’s art, they can find me and friend me atfacebook.com/Kitty.Wallis.
Kitty Wallis

****Latest update on the Facebook page is there is a month or so wait for any of the warm mist pads. It is recommended that you check the Facebook page for updates.