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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How to Save a Blog Post

'Summer Heat'          8x10      pastel         ©Karen Margulis

Have you ever wanted to save a blog post? Maybe you don' have time to read it. Or maybe it has a good idea that you want to try or something you want to remember. Did you know you can save any blog post as a PDF file? Once you have a file you can save it to a folder or even print it if yo like paper copies.

There are a few ways to convert a web page into a pdf file and it depends on your device and operation system and browser. I found an easy to follow how to article on wikihow. Here is the link:

I used a triadic color scheme of blue green, yellow orange and red violet
For today's painting I was exploring color schemes. I wanted to move away from local color so I chose a triad of YO BG RV. It really gives an interesting warm feeling to my meadow!

1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

Beautiful color harmony! I like secondary triads anyway, they're wonderful in landscapes. This one is rich and gorgeous. Love those trees especially!

Thanks for the tip on saving blog posts as PDFs. Very cool!