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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Have You Tried a Memory Painting?

'I Remember the Time'            9x12               pastel                  ©Karen Margulis
available $175
 It really is amazing. I don't do this as often as I should but I am amazed every time. We have so much information in our memory to inform our paintings. We only need to trust and let go.  We did memory paintings as one of our exercises at my workshop this past weekend at the Goshen School of Art.  I painted the demo from the notes and sketch and color notes I made before the workshop began.  No photos were allowed! It was liberating! And as always I am surprised at how much I retained after quiet study of my subject.

Today I decided to use my notes and paint another variation of the painting. I used a different type of paper and a different set of pastels. I discovered that the second time with this subject I eliminated even more than the first time. I kept only the details that were important to me.....the peek of blue in a moody sky and the golden grasses.

Below you can see my sketches and notes. I used a 9x2 piece of gray Colourfix paper with a dry block in. I don't usually use Colourfix but I had an old pack and the gray color was perfect.

9x12 gray Colourfix pastel paper

My initial block in....covering the paper with one layer. 

Mid way through the painting. Time for the detail.
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1 comment:

Denise Bongiovanni~ said...

I loved this exercise, it is amazing how much I remembered and how much writing notes down helps your memory bring it to the painting. I will do this again for sure.

What a lovely workshop you presented.

Denise Bongiovanni~