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Thursday, December 19, 2019

An Essential Color for your Pastel Box

'Over the Ridge'              12x9               pastel           ©Karen Margulis
available $225

When in doubt add some purple. This is advice that I take to heart. I probably have some form of violet in every painting. It comes naturally to me because it happens to be one of my favorite colors. My other favorite is turquoise. But I don't use violet just because I like it....I use it because it just works.

Violet can be a great unifier especially when used in a grayed down muted or neutral form. These gray violets are essential components to a successful landscape. 
  • They knit more intense colors together and allow those colors to pop.
  • They are great for painting distant trees and mountains. They are essential to create believable depth in a landscape.
  • Use a form of violet anytime you are tempted to reach for a gray pastel (made from back and white) 
  • Mix vibrant purples with the gray purples for added interest. Spices!
  • Essential color for your box? As many violets as you can violets to blue violets, intense to muted. We can never have too many!

Today's painting began with a purple underpainting. I used Jack Richeson squares and did and alcohol wash. I used my set of Terry Ludwig pastels for the painting. Plus a few extras.

a couple of Terry Ludwig 'message' pastels from workshops
Last year I was excited to find these nice violet Terry Ludwig squares in my annual studio cleanup. I must have put them away for safe keeping. I think its better to use them! I am in the midst of this year's clean up so I wonder what goodies I will uncover.

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