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Friday, August 21, 2020

Video Demo: How to Paint More Vibrant Reds!

      'Power in Memories'                 5x7                   pastel          ©Karen Margulis        available $100

 Returning to favorite subjects is always a good idea when doing quick response studies. It helps you get to know your subject. One of my favorite motifs is poppies. Whether they are close up and intimate or in a meadow filled with flowers, I always learn something new when I paint them.

Last year I made a video of a close up poppy demo. I discuss how to get more vibrant reds. If you missed this video you can watch it on my YouTube channel. The link is below:


YouTube is a great resource! If you have not checked out the wealth of art videos on YouTube be sure to give it a try. I have a YouTube channel and I try to post something new every week. This is in addition to my regular Patreon videos and lessons. I'd love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and check the notification bell so you know when I upload a new video!  

                                                                       The demo painting!

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