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Friday, October 09, 2020

New YouTube Video: How to Paint a Moody Misty Landscape

           'Misty River'                       9x12               pastel              ©Karen Margulis     available $175

Last week we spent a wonderful 5 days camping on the river. The weather was perfect and the view was inspiring. I took many photos. I decided to paint from one of the morning misty photos of our view for a YouTube video demo. We are focusing on how to paint fog, mist and haze over in my Patreon group so I am in the mood for moody!  Click on the link below to watch the demo:

I used Art Graf blocks in the primary colors to create a vibrant wet underpainting. I am starting with bold vibrant colors so I can then tone them down to get the moody feeling in the landscape. 

Here is the palette of [astels I used. They are primarily Terry Ludwig pastels with a few Diane Twonsedn soft form thrown it. 


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