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Sunday, January 17, 2021

New YouTube Video: My No Fail Start!

      'Summer Buzz'                   9x16           pastel     ©Karen Margulis       available in my Etsy shop $295

Do you ever freeze in front of a blank canvas or paper? Do you ever wonder how to tackle a complicated subject? I have the answer! In my latest YouTube video I share an approach I take to start a pastel painting. It gives me a simple road map to follow . If I know my route and I have the directions it is easier to get going and to keep going!

Head over to my YouTube channel to watch the video. Follow the link below. Be sure that you like and comment and subscribe to my channel while you are there! Feel free to share the video with your artist friends!

In the video I start with a value thumbnail and then do an alcohol wash underpainting. Using the color purple! I do add some bees after the video and you can read more about that over on my Patreon Page!


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