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Saturday, February 06, 2021

Fixing Color Gone Wrong in a Painting

                 'Summer Breeze'                10x8             pastel             ©Karen Margulis      $255

I had fun with this painting!  It was an exercise for Patreon. We are working on color this month with Color Bootcamp! I pulled out an old wildflower painting that had crazy color! I don't know what I was thinking. It looked like I had used every color in my pastel box and it showed. There was nothing harmonies or pleasing about it. The color chaos created a dull muddy look as well when the layers mixed and turned gray.

I have learned some things about color since that disaster of a painting and I put them to work on a redo! I liked the general composition of the flowers so all I did was brush off some of the layers of pastel with a stiff old paint brush. I also gave the painting a light spray with some workable fixative. I then slowly brought back the painting this time using much more RESTRAINT with color!

Can you see what I did differently? Scroll up and have a look at the new painting. All of the bones are there and the crazy color actually made good 'dirt' under the greens. Instead of the spots of orange and purple I stuck to one extra flower color of red violet. I toned down the greens and used only a few marks of intense greens for interest. 

Note: One other thing I did was to simplify my marks. I had spots of color all over which led to a disjointed painting. I simplified the marks and made large areas of color instead of small spots everywhere!


It is Color Bootcamp month so if you would like a refresher or some tips on achieving more harmonious color consider joining us this month! It is just $4 or $6 for the bonus lessons and Paint along!

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