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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wildflowers...Class Demo

'Wildflowers' 10x8 pastel
Here is the demo I did this afternoon for my pastel class. I used the analogous color wheel for my color choices. I had already painted a smaller version of this field that has been sold so I wanted to do a larger painting. In class we talked about using complementary colors and discords. Can you spot the discords? I also used a red-purple underpainting. This is on UArt paper 600 grit and I really enjoyed using it.


PAFord Pastelist said...

This is beautiful Karen! Is the discord the blue-green in the background??....oh heck, the whole thing is gorgeous!

By the way, how did the Uart stand up to a wet underpainting?

Karen said...

Hi Paula! Thank you!! The discord is supposed to be the tiny blue and red dots...at least according to the color wheel! I didn't use a wet underpainting...just blended some purple nupastel with pipe foam.
I love your latest TN painting!! :)