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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Working out a Painting

I thought I would share the process I am going through to work out the details of this marsh painting. I am really trying to be good about doing thumbnails and value studies before starting a painting. I am now using a bigger sketchbook so I have room for several sketches and notes. I am writing down what I want the mood and focus of the painting to be as well as any other notes to myself. I am thinking of this as my warm-up exercises before the actual painting begins. In this photo you can see my sketchbook and reference photos as well as three small color studies in different formats.


Almost Daily Paintings by Catherine Gillespie said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I have gotten out of the habit of thumbnails, and you have underscored how important they are. You do beautiful work.

Catherine Gillespie

Karen said...

Thank you!!! I am trying to be good about remembering the thumbnails!

Anonymous said...

Look what I found! It's fascinating to see the process of how you developed the painting. I will display your talent with pride!

Kathy R.