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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Monet Night

Tonight at pastel class we are studying Monet. We have been studying a different artist each class and then trying to paint in that artist's style. Marsha suggested that we paint water lillies tonight but I really want to try a snow scene in Monet's style instead.....so on my lunch break today I painted a quick water lily. This one is 7x5 on wallis paper. It was a little tricky to do this in pastel because Monet's seem to have so much texture and there is only so much pastel you can build up before you lose the tooth in the paper. We'll see what happens with my snow scene tonight.


Miriam said...

Olá Karen!

Não sei inglês, somente português. Moro no Rio de Janeiro.
Suas pinturas são lindas! Você tem muita sensibilidade. É emocionante ver a forma como expressa sua arte através das cores, com belos tons. Seu trabalho é lindo, mas gostei, especialmente, das telas com flores e pássaros...Lindo, lindo, lindo!
Também amo gatos, tenho três!
Parabéns! Suas mãos são abençoadas por Deus.


Theresa Evans said...

Delicious colours and pastel marks. The quick painting at luchtime has given it a lovely energy.

I really like this.

Karen said...

Thank you Theresa...the quick ones are always fun for me!