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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Variation #40 Winter Sunset

'Variation #40'               5x7         pastel
I have been busy this weekend but I've accomplished a lot!  I finished my acrylic marsh commission and my colloector is pleased with it.  Yeah!  I have also started a new blog devoted to my variation challenge. I wanted a place to have them all together so I could better document the techniques I used for each one. The new blog is called 'Miles of Canvas' in reference to the saying that artists need to accumulate miles of canvas if they want to improve as painters. Doing challenges like this one helps me put in my miles. I hope you will visit my new blog and sign up for updates. I welcome your comments too! you can find the blog at:


Anonymous said...

A wonderful painting- evocative in mood . Not as pretty as your wild flower paintings, but strong in their own way, as you depart from strict realism.
It is always a pleasure to turn on my computer in the morning and find a painting.
Regards, Bernard Chasan
Boston MA

Cliff said...

I went over to your new blog, Miles of Canvas. Great, great job. Love all the variations in mood and style.

I tried to leave comment there but was unsuccessful; perhaps you should look into whether that function is working.

I hope you continue to post to both blogs!

Karen said...

Thank you very much Bernard. I appreciate your comments. I am enjoying the new direction my work is taking for the moment and it's good to know they are working.

Karen said...

Cliff, thank you so much for your comments and for the heads up about the comment on my new blog. It's fixed now. I will most definitely be posting to both!
Thanks again,