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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Marsh Close-up Plein Air Painting

'Intimate Marsh' 5x7 pastel
I had just finished my 5th painting of the same marsh view. I was on a roll and had been painting for a couple of hours. It was just such a picture perfect view I felt no need to move on and find another subject. I did want to try another wayy to interpret the view so I decided to zoom in on this little slice of marsh and paint a more intimate view. The colors were truly this intense which was exciting after the the days of gray and rain that we had experienced.

Today I taught a workshop on underpaintings. I wish I had remembered to take photos. Everyon painted paintings using different supports and underpaintings. I am so pleased with everyone's work. It was a lot of fun! Tomorrow we paint on a gold support! I'll try to remember to take photos!


PAT MEYER -- said...

Just beautiful. I am a fellow DPIAG I have added you to my blog site.

Karen said...

Thank you Pat! I will be adding links to mine after I get through this busy weekend. Thank you for the add!