Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Georgia Sunshine Sunflower Painting

'Georgia Sunshine' 5x7 pastel
We have had more drearly days lately here in Georgia so I thought I'd paint my own sunshine. I always enjoy painting sunflowers and added some of my favorite colors to this one. I have some yellows that don't go on quite as smoothly for some reason so today I fixed one layer with some workable fixative and it made it so much easier. My can is almost empty so I better put it on my supply list. Speaking of supplies, I ordered some new watercolors. I decided that to really do a watercolor underpainting justice, I needed to invest in artist quality watercolors. So I chose Schmincke 1/2 pans and I ordered 12 colors. I chose the colors that Albert Handell was using when I went to his workshop a few years back. The tiny little things arrived today ...wow they are pricey for such a tiny little thing! My palette is on backorder so I suppose I will have to wait to use them. Stay tuned though!

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