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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nantucket Wildflowers 18x24

'Nantucket Wildflowers' 18x24 pastel
Today I was able to get in the studio and just paint for me. I was caught up with commissions and all ready for my workshops...I am not unpacked though but that had to wait...I was itching to paint someting BIG! So here is the largest wildflower painting I have done yet...18x24. This little pictures doesn't really do it justice. I had leftover oil paint from a commission so I used it to create a oil stain underpainting. Notice all of the drips and spiderwebs. I tried to leave some of the underpainting showing in the finished painting. If you look closely you will discover a ladybug hiding among the wildflowers! I had so much fun and now #2 is up on the easel for tomorrow!

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