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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What is your Favorite Variation?

Variation #8 5x7 pastel ©Karen Margulis
Here is a closer look at my favorite out of the group of ten variations I posted earlier today. This one is on Uart paper with no underpainting. All 10 are now listed in my Ebay store. Which one do you like best in this group?


erifili said...

This one is my favorite variation.Simple and gorgius.

Sara Mathewson said...

This one is my favorite too:)
I will be diving in to working on my 100 variations again. i started last fall and will just continue where I left off. i think I've done ten so far:P Once I get my website updated and can learn the ins and outs of posting pics I will be able to show them. I will post the website on Facebook when it is ready. It has been idle for way too long. but with my "techie" no longer in my life I have to get help from others. i'm so computer illiterate!

Anonymous said...

Number two and number five are mine, but I really LIKE all of them! I love variations like this...i'm thinking of taking your inspiration and painting some 'variations on a theme' in watercolour. I loved 'my week of 100 washes' I did back in 2008.... it might be time for some more fun! I often look at your pastels on your blog...just lovely.