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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sunrise Landscape 11x14

'Sunrise over the Marsh' 11x14 pastel
Today's painting is another one done from a 'drive-by' photo. You know...the photos you take from the window of the car as you go 70 miles an hour down the highway. It made for a blurry photo with no color but it was enough for me to be reminded of this beautiful sunrise. I am on a mission to help my students learn to use their reference photos to help remind them and interpret their ideas instead of copying every detail in their photos. Care to join us? Tomorrow I will be posting an exercise for you to try along with my results.


Susannah said...

I kept the window open with this painting all day just to be able to look at it whenever I wanted. My son came in to show me something and clicked on the painting window and said Oh My God! Who did THAT? It's beautiful. SO,I told him about you & how you are my favorite artist and now you have another fan. Karen, I just don't have the words with which to translate the beauty I see in this painting.

Karen said...

Thank you so much Susannah for your kind words. I'm happy to know I have someone else who appreciates my work! Thank you Thank you!!!