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Monday, March 14, 2011

Bison in the Grass...pastel painting 11x14

'Bison in the Grass' 11x14 pastel
Every once in awhile it is fun to break away from your usual way of working and just have fun trying something different. The last group of paintings I have been working on are quite different for me but I am enjoying the process so much! Who know what it will bring to my usual way of working. I have done a series of 7 paintings of the Southwest and West. Using charcoal likes and bold pastel application really allows me to capture the boldness and color in these scenes. I can't wait until class on Wednesday when we will all try some bold paintings together.


Sara Mathewson said...

i'm loving all the different things you are trying--how fun! What kind of paper is this on? You have inspired me to buy some new paper. i'm getting some Canson Mi-Tientes, Rives BFK and Somerset Velvet. I do have a pad of the canson so have tried it and will do some studies with it. It will take some more planning on my part since I can't use as many layers. Should be fun!

Karen said...

Hi Sara, I am having so much fun. Wish you lived closer so you could come play with us! The bison painting is on Wallis museum. I toned the paper lime green with a nupastel. I think any of the papers will work for this because you aren't using many layers. I am finding it a great exercise in simplifying!

Ed Zachery said...

Thats a great bison.

Ed Zachery said...

thats a great bison.