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Monday, April 18, 2011

Lavender Field #2

'Lavender Field #2' 8x10 pastel
I had a visitor to my studio today all the way from North Dakota! I had so much fun sharing information about pastels and doing this lavender field demo. She is going to try to come back this week to paint before she goes back home. I have so much that I want to fit into a few hours but I hope I was able to give her some good information. This will be a crazy week since my sister and I decided to have a garage sale on Friday. I am working on a large marsh commission in between cleaning out closets!

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1 comment:

Sara Mathewson said...

Karen I love this painting! You have really created the illusion of depth/distance. And I love paintings of fields of flowers and lavender field paintings rank up there with poppy fields:) I love the atmosphere in this painting. great job!