Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taking down my Landscape Variations

'Blue Landscape Variation' 5x7 pastel
'Orange Landscape Variation' 5x7 pastel
It is time that I take my remaining Landscape Variations down from my studio wall. This was a project I did last year. I painted 100 variations of the same simple landscape, all of them 5x7. I hung them all together on my wall using paper crickets. (great little thumbtacks) I have enjoyed looking at them and remembering all of the things that they taught me. But now I need to make room for my new challenge.....100 6x6 sunflower pastels. See my challenge blog here. I have sold many of the landscapes but I still have some available and will be offering them for sale for $65 each. If you would like to read more about my Landscape Variation project you can visit my project blog here.

Bid on the Blue Landscape Variation HERE

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