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Monday, September 05, 2011

Chamisa in Bloom 8x10 pastel SOLD

'Chamisa in Bloom' 8x10 pastel
It was a rainy day in Georgia today and a great day to stay inside and paint. I started working on this painting and just wasn't happy with the bushes in the foreground. They were just blobs of green and brown. So I gave them a good spray of workable fixative and sat down to eat some cookies and look at facebook. The very first post was a wonderful painting of Rabbitbrush in bloom by Lorenzo Chavez. I was inspired! I needed to make my bushes bloom! So I looked at some reference photos I had of chamisa in bloom to guide me. Thank you Lorenzo for the inspiration! This painting is on Wallis Belgian Mist using mostly Terry Ludwig's Arid landscape set. I love that set!

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