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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to Make Your Images Larger on Blogger

'Sing a Happy Song' 5x7 pastel ©Karen Margulis sold

Art blogs need great photos of art. When I started this blog in 2005 I chose Blogger because it was the most user friendly of the blogging platforms at the time. I have been pleased with how easy it is to quickly post a photo and write and edit posts. I like how my art looked too.
Last year I changed my main website to Wordpress. The difference in how my art displayed on the Wordpress site was obvious. My images appeared much larger and I loved how clean and simple the background was. See my website here. I was tempted to change this blog over to Wordpress but I am such a creature of habit that I didn't want to learn a new interface for posting. But I was now very disappointed in the way my paintings appeared here on Blogger. They were so tiny, even on the largest setting. It didn't matter how large my file was, the large size didn't get any bigger. (The painting of the Chickadee in the snow is the standard Large Image size on Blogger...the Chickadee at the top of the post is a resized Large) But the internet is a wonderful thing. A Google search turned up several tutorials on how to resize the standard images on Blogger.

'Chickadee in the Snow' 5x7 pastel
I chose the easiest, least technical method and I want to share it with you in case you would like larger than standard images on your Blogger blog. You do need to edit the Html but I promise it isn't hard to do.
  1. Upload your image as you normally do. Choose the largest image size.
  2. You will now see your image in the editing/posting box. Look at the top of this box and you will see two tabs 'Compose' and 'Edit Html'. Click on the 'Edit Html' tab.
  3. Now you see the Html code for your image. All you need to worry about it the size so look for the number for the Height. It will look like this : Height: 320px; " You want to delete this number and the semi colon but leave the Quotation mark in place.
  4. Now, just before the height information you will see a number for the width. Change this number to 500px.
  5. Finally look for something that says s400. Change the 4 to 8 . It should now read s800.
  6. You are done! Click on the 'Compose' tab at the top of the box and you will see your image larger. Continue working on your post as usual.
Now you can have a larger than standard image on your Blogger blog and visitors can have a better look at your images. Of course it helps if you have a good system for photographing your work but that is for another post!
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Julie Ford Oliver said...

How nice of you to take the time to post this information. Thank you.

robertsloan2art said...

Thank you! I'm using Blogger and get frustrated at the image sizes, but Wordpress was a bit too complicated for me. I'm bookmarking this entry.

Karen said...

Thank you Julie! I appreciate you visiting my blog :)

Karen said...

Your welcome Robert. It has made all the difference in how my images look. I came across very complicated directions but this way is easy and works!

Dannah Enopre said...

omg this is very helpful! thank you!!!!!!!!! :)

BDL Palash said...

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Sarah Yoon said...

Thanks a bunch!!! This was extremely useful!!

The Edit said...

Thank you so much for your help with this, I've been trying to figure it out and your instructions were very clear and simple! Really appreciate your help!


myrtle said...

Great! Awesome post.=D

Beth Ellen Nagle said...

Your work is gorgeous. I so love the chickadees any and all seasons. I look forward to exploring your art.

Joanne said...

Thank you so much for this helpful information. Blogger can be so frustrating at times - especially with the new format.

kit and nancy. said...

thank you!! genius!

Anastasia said...

Thank you very much for this information!!!

Craig Currie said...

Very nice...Also, If you put 100% for the size, the images will auto size when you adjust the size of your site.

It doesn't, however auto size your mobile view to a RWD. The only way I know to do this is to manually edit every picture size in the HTML.

Enter /s1600 for both and 100% for width and height. This will give your mobile site a true RWD with all the mobile templates.

The RWD offered by Google in the list is nice but it doesn't display ads.

My example site is at http://suncitycenternews.blogspot.com

Hit the mobile view and make your browser bigger and smaller and watch the mobile site bend and sway to the size.

I really hopes this helps someone out there.

Thanks craig

Craig Currie said...

I left a comment previously about how to size images to expand with both mobile and website templates.

It worked very well but since doing this, my images are not indexed any more with Google.

I am in the process of looking into this but wanted to warn people about re sizing photos like i did and what happened.

I don't know why Google deleted all of my images from their index but I can only assumed it was due to me messing with the html image code like i did, as i explained in my last comment.

Since my images disappeared from Google, I set all images back to the the Blogspot setting of x-large and set my mobile template back to Dynamic view - where it was before Google deleted my photos from their index. There are a few images still left when I do a search but I had thousands that are now gone.

I can only hope that Google will one day re index my images once again.

My new advice to every using blogger is use the settings that they give you on the template and leave the html alone. It's not worth the risk of having all your images deleted in Google's index.

craig at suncitycenternews.blogspot.com