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Monday, July 02, 2012

Dandelion Wishes Acrylic Painting

'A Little Magic'        5x7    acrylic on canvas    $50 purchase here
“Even when we grow up we call still whisper our wishes upon the wind,as a child does in innocence, breathing their wishes at a dandelion.”  Jill Hanna

Dandelion wishes....I didn't know it had a name.  That little act of picking a dandelion seed head and making a wish before giving it a puff and blowing the seeds into the wind.  I was searching for a quote and found so many references to this act. We also have different names for the seedhead itself. My favorite is 'Dandelion Puff'

I have painted these dandelion puffs in pastel but I decided to try one with acrylics on canvas  I added the details with black ink when the paint was dry. The sides are painted as well but it looks great in a gold frame.   


Donna T said...

Wow, what a cool painting, Karen! I really like what the ink lines do for it. Congrats on the new gallery!

Karen said...

Thanks Donna! I love doing the lines! I have a couple new ones that I am working on. It is very relaxing!