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Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Build Your Art Library

'Down a Country Road'          8x10         pastel         ©Karen Margulis
painting available on Etsy $80 click here
I love books. Maybe I love books as much as art supplies. Having a library of art books is an essential part of being an artist. And as much as I love reading on my iPad e-books will never replace my art books. I turn to my art library for inspiration and for instruction. I have instructional books, art history books, books devoted to favorite artists, non fiction books.  I can read and reread them and I always learn something new.
I usually have a stack of art books in my bedroom and I read a few pages of one every night. I'd like to think I absorb the information and process it while I sleep. I do sometimes dream about something I've read so I think it is true!

My art library is in dire need of organizing. I can never find a book I am looking for because there is no rhyme or reason to my shelves. I just got a pile of new art books donated by a friend and I need to make room on my shelves. That donation was a wonderful gift but here are other ways you can build your art book collection.

Piles of my Art Books waiting to be organized
  • Thrift Stores. Even if you aren't a thrift store shopper, try them and head right to the book section. Scan the shelves for art books. They are usually larger than most other books so you can do a quick scan. I recently scored two beautiful books on Sargent at the Goodwill.
  • Garage and Estate sales. This is hit or miss but sometimes listing for these sales will mention that books are available.
  • Book Sales. Usually your local library has periodic book sales where you might pick up some good art books.  You can sign up for updates on book sales in your area at www.booksalefinder.com
  • Second hand book stores. If your town has one of these shops you are in luck!  I have made some great finds in our local second hand book shop.
  • Ebay. When I am feeling the urge for a new art book I will browse the art book category on Ebay. I especially like to look at the lots of books. I have picked up an out of print hard to find book that was included in a lot of art books that weren't that great. I got the whole lot for a great price.
  • Amazon. I like to treat myself for birthdays/holiday gift with a nice art book. I keep a wish list and let my family know about it. 
I will be posting soon about my top favorite art books so stay tuned. If you are new to my blog. I;d love for you to sign up for updates. If you are on Facebook and Twitter you can follow me on both. Links on side bar.  Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Today's painting is the demo I did for a private student. 8x10 pastel on canson paper

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