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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Join The Unfinished Painting Challenge

'Down in the Meadow'         16x20            pastel             ©Karen Margulis   available for $250 here
I have stacks of unfinished paintings. Dusty piles of unfinished pastels or UFO's (unfinished objects) as one of my students calls them. I never throw out a painting that didn't work or that I got bored with.  I am thrifty and think I will recycle the paper someday.  I know some artists who are bothered by having too many unfinished paintings. They do take up space and can sap your creative energy.

It is time that I address my dusty pile of UFOs and one by one decide if a painting can be saved, brushed out or cut up.  I need to make room for new paintings and clear out the pile. I know that I have grown as an artist since working on many of these UFOs so surely I will look at them with fresh eyes and I will be surprised at what I can now do with them.

 If you need motivation to attack your pile of unfinished paintings I invite you to join me.  I started a Facebook Group called The Unfinished Painting Challenge...looking at old work with fresh eyes.  I invite you to join the group and share your progress as you finish the painting that have been on your shelf! Here is the link to the group The Unfinished Painting Challenge

Here is my first Finish. This started out as an unfinished demo. I often don't finish a demo since I am busy talking. When I get home I usually throw the painting on my pile. I took this 16x20 pastel out as my first UFO challenge. You can see the original unfinished version below.

Unfinished Demo Painting

After brushing out and redoing the flowers....not finished yet
 I am posting the details of how I arrived at the finished painting in the facebook group. Click here to see or join us.  I am working on another unfinished painting and will post the steps in another blog post for those of you who don't do facebook.  I hope everyone will be inspired to take out a painting and finish or fix it!

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

Aww so cool, I'd love to join this group. I always find it so motivating when artists can get together and discuss these kinds of things.

How on earth did you finish this piece or even know what to do without a reference picture?