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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Great News! 2012 IAPS Web Show Acceptance

'The Moment of Truth'     9x12    pastel     SOLD
I interrupt my workshop reports to share my good news. I just found out that this painting has been accepted into the 2012 IAPS Web Show.  IAPS stands for the International Association of Pastel Societies.  I am very honored to have my painting accepted. This is the first time in the web show for me and I am looking forward to seeing all of the paintings.  I am also happy to have another point towards the IAPS Master Circle. I have one point to go!

I'd like to share the inspiration behind this painting because it something that has had a big impact on the direction my paintings have taken.  I have shared this story before but it is a message that is worth repeating.  I call this painting 'The Moment of Truth' because it was another plein air version of these same 'weeds' that I did a workshop several years ago that gave me an epiphany of sorts.

I was at a Stan Sperlak workshop on his Crow Creek Farm. The painting I did was a last minute plein air study that I did while cleaning up for the day. I couldn't resist the lighting on the tiny patch of weeds. I shared the painting at the end of workshop critique and it sparked a conversation about finding the subject that speaks to you. Stan talked about the importance of finding our own Truth....what it was that truly spoke to us and compelled us to paint.  These are the things that will allow us to do our best work.  I realized that my Truth was nature and landscapes but the more close-up intimate view. I realized how excited I got by seeing a field of wildflowers or weeds by the roadside.  I am most in my zone when painting these subjects. I realized that it was OK to paint the weeds as my husband called my wildflower paintings.

That discussion about finding the truth has had a huge impact on me and my work. I may experiment with other things and try new subjects but I always happily return to my own Truth and find ways to paint what speaks to me the loudest.


Jennifer Edwards said...

Congratulations Karen!!! And I love. the story behind it! Those moments of truth and clarity are so precious and provide much needed grounding for us! I would have to say the of all your works, it is the roadside "flowers" I love the most! They speak to me of all I love about roadside wild flowers, especially having grown up in Boone NC with Queen Annes Lace, daisies, stsrfire, and cornflowers everywhere!!! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Karen!

MarjRC said...

Congratulations at getting picked for the IAPS web show. Please share the time this will be available for viewing with us. I'd love to see it!

Gaye Sekula said...

Congratulations on being accepted in the IAPS Web Show! Well deserved!

Also wanted to say how much I enjoy your posts and look forward to each and every one!

Mariela said...

Congratulations, I wish you all the best!!!
THank you also for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!!
They are inspiring!!!!

Verónica Guzmán said...

Una composición perfecta! me encanta las pinceladas.

Deborah said...

Pretty work, Karen. Your blog is such a blessing to me.