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Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter Landscape... Sale Painting of the Day

'Winter Delight'      6x6      pastel     ©Karen Margulis
It's Cyber Monday and I already see a few deals I am interesting in. I do need some art supplies!  If you are cyber shopping today, consider choosing a piece of original art. Art makes a great gift (even for yourself!)  This painting is a 6x6 pastel on Uart paper in the popular 6x6 square format.

'Winter Delight' is available by auction at DailyPaintworks.com. The opening bid is $50.


Sharon Whitley said...


the far settler said...


I've been meaning to ask: why sell your art for so little money? the price probably doesn't even cover the cost of the materials.

Karen said...

Thank you Sharon!

Karen said...

Hi Far Settler,
You have a good question. My goal is to price my work so that it is affordable for many people. I know that I cannot afford some of the beautiful art I see in galleries. I just don't have thousands of dollars. I would like original art to be more accessible to more people like me. The prices I offer more than cover the cost of my materials and I get the satisfaction of knowing that my work can inspire and give pleasure to someone. I hope this answers your question.

the far settler said...

Thank you. I understand :)