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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to Paint a Series Quickly ...Poppy Paintings

'Tiptoe Through the Poppies'           2.5 x 3.5         Pastel      ©Karen Margulis  sold
The best way to become a better artist is by practice....lots of it.  The more you can paint, the faster you will see improvement.  This is the advice I give my students.  But I know not every one has time in their schedule to paint as often as they would like. Here is a tip that will help you accomplish a lot in a little time....Paint a series and make them small!  

The poppy paintings in this post are all 2.5x3.5 inches and were painted on my recent cruise.  Each one probably took no more than 15 minutes.  Have a look and then read my thoughts on why it works.

'Blowing in the Breeze'     2.5x3.5    pastel sold 

2.5x3.5    pastel

'Summer in the Mountains'    2.5x3.5     pastel sold

'Poppy Dance'    2.5x3.5    pastel

'Red Poppy'    2.5x3.5     pastel

'Dance of the Pink Poppies'     2.5x3.5     pastel  sold
Why paint a series?  When you paint the same subject several times each one gets easier. You work out the issues with painting the subject in your first painting. You choose colors. You study your subject and get to know it. With each successive painting you are free to explore compositions, other color palettes, different styles for example. This helps you paint more quickly and efficiently.

Why paint small?  I don't always recommend painting small but for this exercise painting small will get you painting. It is easier to find 15 minutes in a busy schedule to work on a quick little mini.  There is no pressure to finish or waste a big piece of paper.  Painting in a small format is manageable and remember the more you paint....the more you will see progress!

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artistic5058 said...

I really enjoy your blog and I am gaining allot from reading it. These are great practical ideas.

artistic5058 said...

I love your work and all the great advice you give.