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Monday, June 10, 2013

Hillerman Mystery? Our Day in Canyon de Chelly


'Where the Raven Flies'. 5x7. Pastel

Painting at the Antelope Ruins Overlook

It all began at Window Rock. I am a huge Tony Hillerman fan so being in Navajo country is like having his mystery novels come to life. And today it seems like we truly were watching one unfold. We began the day with a drive along the north rim of Canyon de Chelly. We stopped at Antelope Ruins overlook first since it gets morning light. We bought beautiful beaded bracelets from a fascinating Navajo woman. I could have listened to her stories all day.


I decided to do my Daily painting at the rim of the canyon. The view was awesome and there is nothing better than painting to the sound of ravens calling. Here is the view.

Next we headed to the south rim overlooks and that's where the mystery begins. As we were getting out of the car a Navajo Tribal police truck pulls in and out jumps two handsome police officers ( could they be Leaphorn and Chee?) we overheard them talk to the vendors who described seeing a man on foot brandishing a gun!

We head to the next overlook a bit cautiously. At the overlook we saw a solitary man far out on a rock fiddling with something. Probably a tourist taking a photo but we were into this mystery now! In our minds here was our bad guy! We did see some nesting ravens and a really cool dead tree before moving on.


On the way out we pass a revival must have been Slick Nakai! We can surely see Tony Hillerman's inspiration! Back to the hotel to recharge before our late afternoon jeep tour into the canyon. And the fitting end to our mysterious morning was the flashing lights of the tribal police as they sped past us back into Chinle. Joe and Jim must have caught their man!

And so the adventure continues.



MarilynW said...

What an exciting day. Nice painting too.

Sea Dean said...

I love this painting and love that you´ve posted the original inspiration photo. You are amazing.

Karen said...

Thanks for the comments! It was an amazing day!

Anne Hillerman said...

My Dad would be pleased to have added a bit of literary thinking to your day of painting. Isn't Canyon de Chelly beautiful?
Anne Hillerman

Karen said...

Hi Anne
Thank you for your comment! We loved our visit to Canyon de Chelly and was definitely enhanced by having read all of the wonderful books your Dad wrote!
We will be back!