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Saturday, June 08, 2013

My Day at IAPS...Bill Creevy Workshop

'The Watcher'. 11x14. Pastel

It was a pastel marathon for me today at the IAPS convention. We started out our day with Mike Beeman joining us for breakfast. It was great to meet him! Next onto the trade show or the candy store as it is fondly called. I will take some photos tomorrow. It was too crowded when I was there this morning.

My day was spent at a workshop with Bill Creevy. The topic was pastels and water. It was such a fun day trying techniques with water. We worked on Multimedia Art board which was a surface I've never tried. I really liked it and will be doing a more thorough review soon. We spent the day experimenting. I love getting texture in my paintings and Bill gave us demos and info on several ways to get texture.

Since we were using water in between layers we had some drying time so Bill guested that we work on 2 or 3 at once. I got about 4 done and lots of great ideas. Bill liked my raven or crow the best and said I should stick to animals. I love to paint animals so maybe I will paint them more often!

The day ended on a high note. We met with 14 other artists and drove over to the Oxbow of the Rio Grande to paint. A dust storm was in the distance which made for some interesting painting. I did my daily 5x7 which I'll post tomorrow.



Casey Klahn said...

Very wonderful Raven - I can see why he was noticed by Bill Creevy. Getting a bird's "look" is no small accomplishment. (No pun intended)

I had to look up MM Art Board, and the web page doesn't have a product picture. Still a mystery to me!

I saw your image from OxBow OTRG and it looks great, too. Your small plein air pieces (and I'll mention Stan Sperlak's also look terrific) got me so enthused I did one out my studio!! window!!

Thanks for reporting and blogging the IAPS.

Anonymous said...

Trade show, hope to see pictures!

Karen said...

Thanks for your comments Casey! I appreciate hearing from you and wish you were here at IAPS I'd love to meet you!

Casey Klahn said...

Some day we'll meet. I am coming to Atlanta next spring to teach! Dates TBA.

Karen said...

Awesome! Please keep me posted. I know many pastel artists who will be interested!