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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Majesty of Zion....Deciding What to Paint


'Hillside Symphony'. 5x7. Pastel. Karen Margulis

There is no lack of painting inspiration in Zion National Park. The difficulty lies not in finding something to paint but in choosing from an overwhelming visual feast. Do I want to paint the grand view or the close up vignettes? If time allows it is nice to try both. And that is just what we did today.

'Entering Zion'. 5x7. Pastel

Today we had the luxury of time. I planned this trip last year. I chose the route and picked out the lodging ( of course with the approval of my travel mates) My goal was to spend at least 2 nights at each place with some 3 and 4 night stays sprinkled in. I knew Zion and the Desert Pearl Inn would be a good place to spend extra time, so today was a day to paint.

It was easy to find a place to paint this morning because the view from the coffee shop was everything I needed! Beautiful light and textures. We got our supplies and found a bench. I was in a very colorful mood....maybe because I could see the colors of my pastels! Here is the view....


I also painted this afternoon and used my new Sennelier portrait set which gave me a more subdued painting, I'll post them tomorrow. We head to the Grand Canyon North Rim tomorrow and I'm not sure about Internet so I will post as soon as I can!



Leesa Padget said...

These are beautiful Karen, lovely colour choices and wonderful strokes, Leesa :)

Sea Dean said...

I love your work anyway, but I´m really loving your work from this beautiful part of the world. I used to travel to Arizona every winter and this has brought back wonderful memories.

Karen said...

Thank you Sea! I love it out here. It just inspires me! I appreciate the comment!