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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Tips for Trying a New Medium

'Pink Poppy Profusion'         5x7        acrylic on panel   ©Karen Margulis
painting available on Etsy  $50

All this dreary rainy weather in Georgia is a shock to the system.  After a month in the Southwest with nothing but deep blue skies and dry air I am feeling like a mushroom!   It is keeping me inside the studio which I really don't mind but I thought it would be fun to visit my playful side and take out my acrylics.

One of the nice things about my newly organized studio is that I have easy access to all of my supplies and room to leave them out.  I would like to get more proficient at both oils and acrylics but I know I need to paint with them often.  So I decided to start with a subject and do a series. Here are a few. They are all 5x7 on gesso board panels. Here are some tips for trying a new medium.

'Summer Blues'         4x4      acrylic on panel

  • Don't worry about investing in a lot of supplies. Use what you have or get a beginner set. Don't let the fear of getting the *right* supplies keep you from starting.  Do realize though that the better supplies will be needed if you intend to pursue the medium. But it's ok to start playing with a minimum of supplies.  
  • Choose a simple subject to start with. I chose to paint some simple whimsical flowers. This allows me to learn about mixing colors, making brushstrokes and how the paint moves without me worrying about getting a perfect painting.
  • Attitude is everything.....approach the new medium with the joy and wonder of a child. Don't worry about doing it the right way. Do it YOUR way.
  • If you like the medium understand that it will take lots of paintings before you will get the results you want.....Be prepared to practice and don't be too hard on yourself.

  • Have fun! 

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