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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Need Some Daily Art? Here's an Art Book Recommendation

'Another Beautiful Day'          8x10          pastel      ©Karen Margulis
Do you ever buy an art book and put it on the shelf without reading it? Maybe you were busy and promised yourself you'd get to it later.  This happens to me more often than not. I get a book but then some other project takes over and I barely have time to skim the book before it is relegated to the bookshelf.

Today one such book caught my eye as I passed by my bookshelf. It is 'The Daily Book of Art 365 readings that teach, inspire and entertain'.  This book needs to be out on a table where I can read it!  It consists of one page a day for 365 days with topics on art education, art history, philosophy of art, artist profiles, art appreciation, art around the world, art exercises and art oddities.

Just imagine how much knowledge and inspiration I can have by reading just a page a day about art!

adding a frame helps me to evaluate my painting 
The reading for Day 1 is a very condensed overview (just one page) of the elements of art with a definition of line, shape, form, value, texture, color and space. There is promise to expand on these elements as the year goes by. We all need to know these elements and how to work with them and this reading comes at a perfect time as I do my Fall lesson plans!  In fact I think I will make this book a part of my classes.
We can all benefit from reading one art related page a day!
Click here to see the book on Amazon.com

Today's painting:
White Wallis paper with Terry Ludwig pastels


Patrice said...

Great painting today. Thanks for the book recommendation, looked it up and am going to order!

katybee said...

Love today's painting. The looseness and those blues and oranges really pop!

Lesley Fletcher said...

Who needs this book when my daily email from you serves as a perfect reminder to myself as an artist? :)
Will look up the book though - thanks

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what a difference a frame makes. Thanks for the book recommendation. You are making me want some Terry Ludwig pastels! I wish now I'd taken advantage of last month's special.