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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Good Bye to Crow Creek...Day 3 Workshop Report

'A Day to Remember' 6x6. Pastel

Sometimes a workshop is good for the soul. A chance to do nothing but paint and be immersed in art in a beautiful place. A chance to connect with other artists...to make new friends and visit with old ones. Imagine all of this under the guidance of a wonderful artist and a gifted teacher. My workshop this weekend with Stan Sperlak was all that and more.

You know when the workshop ends and you feel recharged and excited to get home to paint, it was a successful workshop. When you leave with a notebook full of pearls of painting wisdom, it was a successful workshop. Stan always manages to exceed my expectations.

Today after a morning discussion and a marsh demo we went out to paint until lunch. Just about everyone headed to the marsh. This is my Motif #1. I love it. It speaks to me. The wide open space where I can see the sky just begged me to paint it again.

This time I decided to put the whole expanse into one painting. I used a 3x12 piece of paper. That was a fun format kind of like an extended mini! Then I decided to paint each side of the marsh in a square format. The top painting is the left side and below is the right side. This one is 5x5.

Our painting time ended all too soon. After lunch we had another discussion and Q&A session before the critique/ sharing. It was great to see everyone's work. I am always amazed at how every artist interprets the same scenes in their own unique voice. I loved seeing the results of everyone's hard work! What a great group of artists.

Most of the time we go to a workshop hoping to learn how to be a better painter. Some are better than others. But I always leave a workshop with Stan with more than just tools to help me improve my paintings. I leave inspired. And that is a wonderful gift. Thank you Stan.

Stan and the Georgia Contingent



Jo Castillo said...

Thanks, Karen, when you are inspired, you inspire us!

Karen said...

Thank you Jo ! I can't wait to get back home to paint and see what develops!

Tim Moore said...

looks like you had a wonderful time..question, whats that little room on the 2nd floor in theat building?..those little spaces always intrigue me..a studio?..

DMannion said...

Karen, I enjoyed your workshop posts! Very inspiring... makes me want to pick up my pastels again. And glad to discover Stan's work also.