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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Two Options for Blogging on the Road

'On the Way to Cape May'            8x10         pastel         ©Karen Margulis
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 My suitcase will stay packed this Fall.  I leave this weekend for NJ to attend a workshop at Stan Sperlak's Farm. I'll be home for a week then I am off to Pawleys Island for a painting retreat.  I love being on the road and I love sharing my adventures and paintings on my blog.

Now I have two choices to blog from the road that fit my criteria of Low Cost, Low Tech and Low Maintenance:   Blogsy and Blog Go.  I use both of these apps for my Blogger blog.

  • I used the iPad app Blogsy during my month long trip around the Southwest. It worked flawlessly.  It was easy to insert photos where I wanted them in the size I wanted. I could save a post as a draft and publish it when I wanted. It was easy to find the photos I needed on my iPad. It never crashed. Publish time varied depending on my internet connection but I never had to wait too long. After using it for a month I fell it did everything I needed it to and I don't think anyone could see a difference in how my posts looked. I will use it on any trip where I can get wifi with my iPad. (I don't bring my laptop on a trip anymore)

  • What if you don't have wifi available? This happened to me at the Blue Ridge Paintout. I was staying in a place without internet. But my iPhone did have service.  So I found the Blog Go app.  (this app is also for iPad but I don't think it was available when I found Blogsy)  Blog Go worked great as well.  I was able to blog about my plein air experience using photos I took on my phone. I can't wait to upgrade my phone for a better camera though. I didn't have the best photos!  I was happy that the app let me make my photos the same sizes as Blogger allows. I had no issues writing and formatting my text and publishing was fast and easy. 

 I have options to blog even without internet. All I need is phone service and I can keep up with my blog!  I will do my best to give a daily trip report so please stay tuned!

my own homemade support on gatorfoam 
Today's painting: Getting ready for Cape May County....this sunset is from the last Stan workshop a few years ago. It is a view as we drove back into Cape May after a day of painting. The painting is on gatorfoam with a pumice surface.


Denise Rose said...

I can't wait to see what you do there! Glad you got the blog thing figured out!

Karen said...

Thanks Denise! It is always a great workshop so I am looking forward to it!!

Mary Pyche said...

Thank you for the options for blogging.