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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pawleys Island Day 2....Hanging out at the Creek

'By the Edge of the Creek'. 5x7. Pastel.

Imagine an island cottage on the beach so close to the sea that high tide laps at the back steps. Now imagine that the front door leads right to the creek and distant marsh. This is Plein air heaven. I could paint all day right at the cottage with all the conveniences of home.

'Morning Visitors'. 5x7. Pastel on Canson

The morning was cloudy, windy and a bit chilly but the weather didn't stop me from painting the moody side of the creek. I set up my Gogh box (review coming) on our dock and painted the creek and our morning visitors. I had the box on the bench but had to twist to see over the railing so in the afternoon I brought over my tripod which was much better.


The sun was out in the afternoon and it felt great. We all set up on our dock and painted. It was so relaxing! There were passing kayakers and lots of passing birds including ospreys, herons, a wood stork and a huge bald eagle! It was awesome! I painted 3 small paintings. I am happy with the pastels selection I packed.

'Trees Across the Creek'. 5x7. Pastel

'Trees Across the Creek 1'. 4x4. Pastel

I may take my Gogh box out one more time to paint the sunset over the creek. How fun to capture the changing moods of the creek. Tomorrow we may explore away from the cottage though it is hard to leave it!


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Julie Ford Oliver said...

Beautiful images. Love the color and the painterly strokes.