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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Visit My Petite Pastel Corner...virtual studio tour

'Back to the Marsh'           2.5 x 3.5           pastel          ©Karen Margulis

There has been an explosion of minis in my studio!  I am calling these small original pastels 'Petite Pastels'.  At 2.5x3.5 inches they are just too much fun to paint. Once I get started I can't stop!  I don't have a dedicated space in my studio for these minis. I keep the papers, clear bags and foamcore pieces in a box on a shelf. I use scraps!  Whenever I am in the mood to paint small I just take out my box and set up on a table. I like to sit when I paint this small.  For pastels, I have a small travel box of assorted pastels that I like to use but really any set will do even colors leftover from the last painting makes for a fun challenge!

What do I do with these little paintings when I am finished?  Have a look at the photo below for some ideas for storage and display.

  • I put them into clear bags with a foamcore backing and display them on mini easels or boxes.
  • I have mats cut with 2.5x3.5 inch openings. They look very important in a 5x7 or 8x10 frame!
  • I find ready made frames in 2.5 x 3.5 size. I have found them at Aaron Brothers and even Walmart!  They look great in these frames and they are perfect for shelves and tabletops.
  • I haven't done this yet but a friend has framed a group of them by floating them in a big frame.
  • I tape a group of them on a piece of black foam core for a nice display. These are in the clear bags so they stay protected.
  • You can but small greeting cards with openings for them. They wouldn't work with pastel unless you have the pastel in the clearbag.

Petite Pastels on Display

These little pastels make great gifts. I am offering the paintings below for $15 each or 2 for $20.  Email me if you see any that you'd like.  I also have some available in my Etsy shop.  Consider the gift of fine art this year!

A grouping of minis....number one is top left to right.

'Funky Chicken'   2.5x3.5     pastel
click here to purchase $15

'Marsh Impressions'       2.5x3.5  pastel

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