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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Black Friday Art Haul.....New Vlog

'The Snow Painter'           5x7         pastel        ©Karen Margulis
 What is a Vlog you may be asking?  Or you may already be hooked to some popular YouTube vloggers. A vlog is simply a blog in video form.  Here is the Urban Dictionary definition of Vlog:

1. vlog
A video log. A journalistic video documentation on the web of a person's life, thoughts, opinions, and interests.
A vlog can be topical and timeless, instructional and entertaining. The main thread is trying to communicate on a personal level with your audience.

Last Spring I started my You Tube channel and posted a few videos and called them 'What's in my Studio'.  Now that I have my new GoPro video camera it will be easier to add videos to my channel. So today I have posted my latest installment to my channel....

My Black Friday Art Haul

A sneak peek at the great stuff I got on Black Friday/Cyber Monday
I did some shopping for art supplies over the Black Friday weekend.  Online art stores had good coupons but I found most stuff in regular discount stores!  You just never know what you might find for art in just about any store. I am always looking for ways I can repurpose things for art.  Of course I will be writing more detailed blog posts reviewing all my finds but the video gives you a sneak peek!

Here is the link to my video:http://youtu.be/w9kvTPFHwUM


Susan Vaughn said...

I "LOVE" your snowman artist!!! Now I need to go watch your video!! That snowman pastel looks like it would have been a lot of fun to paint!

Nancy Young said...

Love your videos, Karen! Thumbs up! I find the best deals at those same stores. I don't miss a day of your helpful hints. Have fun on your cruise! I can hardly wait to see what beautiful scenes you capture.