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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 5 Adventures of 2013...The Great Southwest IAPS Adventure

'Desert Sandstorm'           8x10           pastel        ©Karen Margulis

 It was a dream come true.  Spending 4 weeks wandering around the Southwest with my best friends. It was definitely a highlight of the year.  It began with a drive from Atlanta to Albuquerque to attend the IAPS Convention. IAPS stands for International Association of Pastel Societies.  The convention is held every two years in Albuquerque and it is not to be missed for pastel artists.

After the convention we hit the road making stops at Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Capitol Reef National Park, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, Grand Canyon and Sedona!  It was amazing.  I brought along a small pastel kit and painted a 5x7 pastel every day and posted a trip report to the blog. You can go back in the archives and see posts and paintings.  Click on June 2013 (on sidebar on the right)

underpainting for today's painting

About today's painting:  During the convention artists would get together and go paint. The scenery around Albuquerque is awesome!  I went out with a group of artists one late afternoon. We arrived at the location which overlooked the Rio Grande just as the weather was starting to go downhill.  A large sandstorm was quickly approaching.  It was very interesting to see the storm race across the desert.

 I took some photos and did a quick sketch.  This painting was done from my photos.  I used an old unfinished painting on Pastelbord. I first brushed rubbing alcohol over the old painting creating a green- purple underpainitng. It was perfect for the dramatic clouds.

Daily panting done in Zion National Park   5x7  pastel
The Great Southwest Adventure was a full of wonderful memories. I am looking forward to the next IAPS convention in June of 2015.  If you love pastels you will want to make plans to attend!

1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

I enjoyed that series and today's painting is gorgeous. Love that storm blowing up. That's something so powerful and dramatic.

Thanks for doing this series! It's fun looking back with you and seeing you get out your trip photos to paint from.